A Must See When in Galveston

On weekends and through the summer, people gather around to see taffy being “pulled”, “spun out”, and packaged, right before their eyes. A special treat is in store as the candy maker tosses out samples for EVERYONE! Nothing beats fresh, warm, taffy. You can even get one of the girls to dip a pound or two right out of the catch basket.

A One of a Kind Candy Shop

Stepping through the doors you are carried back 100 years. The building is nearly 150 years old and much of the equipment and fixtures, within, have seen a Century come and go.

There are antique, arcade machines that bring howls of laughter from young and old alike. You can test your passion level and let the little ones ride the hobby horse. You can even stretch a penny with one of 4 designs to remember your visit.

The Candy Counter seems to go on forever. The endless choices tempt you at every step. There are high quality, hand-made chocolate treats as well as the classic, “dime store penny candy”. People are thrilled to see a wide arrangement of rock candy and secretly joyed to find bubble gum cigarettes and cigars.

Candy Made the Old-Fashioned Way

Many of our candies are produced just as they would have been over 100 years ago. We have re-created a candy kitchen using actual equipment of that age. Our methods require a lot of hands-on effort and the results are evident.

Classic Confections

Old Fashioned Candy


Gavleston Chamber of Commerce

We are proud members of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce.

Galveston is known for its rich vibrant history but it is often celebrated for its perseverance and a strong commitment to building a better future. Learn more 

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